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Plone Themes and Skins developed by Quintagroup

This site offers alternative Plone Themes that you can use for your Plone CMS.

If you want your Plone website differ from a standard Plone site, you are in the right place. You can navigate through the available commercial and free Plone themes using navigation box on the left. When you click on the link, Plone switches the theme to the selected one. Thus, you can see the real look & feel of the selected theme. Every theme includes an overview of its features and installation instructions.

Free Plone Skins

The following are Plone Themes that are distributed for free. You will find download link for every theme on its page.

Python Reel Plone ThemeSunRain Plone SkinSchools Plone Skin

Premium Plone Themes

The following are premium Plone Themes. They have nice design and rich features. The themes are highly customizable to fit any project.

Sliced Responsive Plone Theme Publisher's Responsive Plone Theme Berry Responsive Plone Theme Black Bee Responsive Plone Theme Wink Responsive Plone Theme Text'n'Roll Responsive Plone Theme Chaste Responsive Plone Theme Pacific Responsive Plone Theme SkyCream Plone Theme Uni Plone Theme GreenJet Plone Theme Twirl Plone Theme BrendA Plone Theme Chameleon Plone Skin Estate Modern Plone Skin Brio Plone Skin Business4 Plone Skin Flow Plone Skin

Outdated Plone Skins

The following are Plone skins that are no longer supported. Quintagroup does not plan to upgrade these skins to newer Plone versions. The latest available version of the skin is indicated in the theme description.
Lite Plone Skin Estate Lite Plone Skin Techlight Plone Skin Coral Plone Skin Estate Classic Plone Skin Arctic Plone Skin LMartianGreen Plone Skin Silent Plone Skin BasicGrey Plone Skin BlueGrayCaustic Plone skin CreamCaustic Plone skin LBrownGreen Plone skin Freedom Plone Skin LBlueGray Plone Skin

You are free to customize the chosen skin in any way to make it absolutely unique. It is very easy to adjust it to desirable colours, logos, background images, etc. You can also Order Unique Plone Theme from Quintagroup. Your new skin can be based on any of the existing skins or it may be absolutely new according to your request.

Quintagroup offers full range of Plone services including Hosting, Development, Training and Consulting services. Please visit Quintagroup website for more information.

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