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TechLight Plone Theme

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Free diazo theme for Plone

TechLight is a free theme for Plone from Quintagroup.  It contains all the Zope Page Templates, CSS stylesheets and images with the design implemented. You are free to change the theme as you like.

Starting from 6.0 version WhiteBlack Theme is distributed as a diazo theme for Plone. Use the following links to get WhiteBlack Theme for the Plone version you are using:


Plone version Latest theme version How to install Plone skin
Plone 4.1
6.0.6 Install quintagroup.theme.techlight via buildout: see Diazo Theme Installation
-- or --
Install via file import in 'Diazo theme' control panel
Plone 4.0
4.1.1: zip
Plone 4 Theme Installation
Plone 3.3
4.0: tar.gz  egg Plone 3 Theme Installation
Plone 3.2 - Plone 3.3 Download Techlight 3.1.1 Plone skin installation
Plone 3.0 - Plone 3.1
Download TechLight 3.0.5 Plone skin installation
Plone 2.5 Download Techlight 2.5.2 Plone skin installation
Plone 2.1 Download TechLight 1.3 Plone skin installation


  • Replaceable logo
  • Editable footer
  • Improved thumbnail display view

Theme Extensions

  • Products.Carousel  adds adjusted styling to banners, displayed on front page or inner site pages instead of the default image.


See docs/INSTALL.txt

file within theme package for the detailed instructions about TechLight theme installation.


Latest version of TechLight Plone Theme for Plone 4.1 was tested in IE7, IE8, IE9, FF 7.01, Google Chrome, Safari 5.0.3, and Opera 11.10 on Windows platform.

TechLight Plone Theme on Live Websites

The following slideshow displays LIVE WEBSITES with TechLight Plone Theme installed. You can browse images by clicking Play.

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